In addition to the ontology itself, the RealEstateCore Consortium also hosts the development of several software tools, configuration files, and documents that support the adoption and utilization of REC and other ontologies.


  • OWL2OAS – This is a converter for translating OWL ontologies into OpenAPI Specification documents. OpenAPI Specification is a standard for describing REST endpoints and operations. This tool generates REST endpoints for the classes (i.e., concepts) declared in an ontology, and generates JSON-LD schemas for those classes based on the object and data properties that they are linked to in the ontology (either via rdfs:domain/rdfs:range, or via property restrictions). OWL2OAS is used to generate the official RealEstateCore REST API.
  • OWL2DTDL – A converter for translating OWL ontologies into DTDL (Digital Twin Definition Language) interface definitions, for use, e.g., with Microsoft Azure Digital Twins. This tool is used to generate the official DTDL version of RealEstateCore.
  • ExcelRDF – An Excel plugin that provides light-weight translation from OWL ontology to XLS skeleton, and from a filled-out version of that XLS skeleton to RDF – enabling linked data generation from existing Excel-based tools and workflows. This tool can be used for onboarding buildings onto RealEstateCore systems by translating existing taglists or other relational data structures.



  • Procurement documents – This repository contains documentation that supports real estate holder procurement of new buildings that speak RealEstateCore from the outset. Presently this documentation is only availabile in Swedish, but we are working to translate it to English.