REC Ontology

The RealEstateCore ontology is released in the both DTDL (Digital Twin Definition Language) and SHACL (Shapes Constraint Language) languages, for broadest availability across technology stacks. For a discussion on the differences and tradeoffs between these versions, see the documentation page DTDL or SHACL.

API Definitions

  • OpenAPI (Swagger) specification -- Documentation -- This RESTful API specifices how clients and other systems can create, read, update, and delete entities in a RealEstateCore-based smart building platform.
  • Edge message specification -- Documentation -- Our southbound format, enabling battery- or bandwidth-constrained edge devices to communicate sensor readings, commands, alerts, etc. upward into a RealEstateCore-based platform.




  • Procurement -- This repository contains documentation that supports real estate holder procurement of new buildings that speak RealEstateCore from the outset. Presently this documentation is availabile in Swedish, English, Dutch, and French.