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Something which is placed inside of a building, but is not an integral part of that building's structure; e.g., furniture, equipment, systems, etc.

Display name: Asset
DTMI: dtmi:org:w3id:rec:Asset;1

Child interfaces


Name Display name Description Multiplicity Target Properties Writable
commissionedBy en: commissioned by 0-Infinity Agent True
documentation en: documentation 0-Infinity Document True
geometry en: geometry en: A GeoJSON Geometry representing the position or extent of the asset. 0-1 Geometry True
hasPart en: has part 0-Infinity Asset True
hasPoint en: has point 0-Infinity Point True
installedBy en: installed by 0-Infinity Agent True
isPartOf en: is part of 0-Infinity Asset True
locatedIn en: located in 0-Infinity Space True
manufacturedBy en: manufactured by 0-Infinity Agent True
mountedOn en: mounted on en: An asset may be mounted on some part of the building construction (e.g., a blind on a facade, a camera on a wall, etc). 0-1 BuildingElement True
servicedBy en: serviced by 0-Infinity Agent True


Name Display name Description Schema Writable
assetTag en: asset tag string True
commissioningDate en: commissioning date date True
customProperties en: Custom Properties map (string->map (string->string)) True
customTags en: Custom Tags map (string->boolean) True
identifiers en: Identifiers map (string->string) True
initialCost en: initial cost string True
installationDate en: installation date date True
IPAddress en: IP address string True
MACAddress en: MAC address string True
maintenanceInterval en: maintenance interval duration True
modelNumber en: model number string True
name en: name string True
serialNumber en: serial number string True
turnoverDate en: turnover date date True
weight en: weight string True

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