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A designed/landscaped (or potentially designed/landscaped) part of the physical world that has a 3D spatial extent. E.g., a building site, a building, levels within the building, rooms, etc.

Display name: Architecture
DTMI: dtmi:org:w3id:rec:Architecture;1

Child interfaces


Name Display name Description Schema
area en: area ArchitectureArea
capacity en: capacity ArchitectureCapacity


Name Display name Description Multiplicity Target Properties Writable
address en: address en: Physical address of the architecture (site, building, sub-building, entrance room, etc.) in question. 0-Infinity PostalAddress True
adjacentElement en: adjacent element 0-Infinity BuildingElement True
architectedBy en: architected by 0-Infinity Agent True
constructedBy 0-Infinity Agent True
containsElement en: contains element en: Links an Architecture to BuildingElement that is contained in the Space. 0-Infinity BuildingElement True
documentation en: documentation 0-Infinity Document True
hasPoint en: has point 0-Infinity Point True
intersectingElement en: intersecting element 0-Infinity BuildingElement True
isFedBy en: is fed by 0-Infinity substance (enum (ACElec, Air, BlowdownWater, ChilledWater, ColdDomesticWater, Condensate, CondenserWater, DCElec, Diesel, DriveElec, Ethernet, ExhaustAir, Freight, FuelOil, Gasoline, GreaseExhaustAir, HotDomesticWater, HotWater, IrrigationWater, Light, MakeupWater, NaturalGas, NonPotableDomesticWater, OutsideAir, People, Propane, RecircHotDomesticWater, Refrig, ReturnAir, SprinklerWater, Steam, StormDrainage, SupplyAir, TransferAir, WasteVentDrainage, Water)) True
operatedBy en: operated by 0-Infinity Agent True
ownedBy en: owned by 0-Infinity Agent True

Inherited Relationships

  • Space: geometry, georeference, hasPart, isLocationOf, isPartOf


Inherited Properties

  • Space: customProperties, customTags, identifiers, name

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