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An administrative grouping of entities that are adressed and treated as a unit for some purpose. These entities may have some spatial arrangement (e.g., an apartment is typically contiguous) but that is not a requirement (see, e.g., a distributed campus consisting of spatially disjoint plots or buildings). Inclusion in a Collection is determined by the 'includes' field on a specific subclass.

Display name: Collection
DTMI: dtmi:org:w3id:rec:Collection;1

Child interfaces


Name Display name Description Multiplicity Target Properties Writable
documentation en: documentation 0-Infinity Document True


Name Display name Description Schema Writable
customProperties en: Custom Properties map (string->map (string->string)) True
customTags en: Custom Tags map (string->boolean) True
identifiers en: Identifiers map (string->string) True
name en: name string True

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