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A chiller that utilizes a thermal or/and chemical process to produce the refrigeration effect necessary to provide chilled water. There is no mechanical compression of the refrigerant taking place within the machine, as occurs within more traditional vapor compression type chillers.

Display name: Absorption Chiller
DTMI: dtmi:org:brickschema:schema:Brick:Absorption_Chiller;1


Inherited Relationships

  • Equipment: feeds, isFedBy
  • Asset: commissionedBy, documentation, geometry, hasPart, hasPoint, installedBy, isPartOf, locatedIn, manufacturedBy, mountedOn, servicedBy


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tags en: Tags en: Brick tags associated with this interface. map (string->boolean) False

Inherited Properties

  • Chiller: coolingCapacity
  • Equipment: operationalStageCount
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