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Equipment and devices that are part of a building's ICT infrastructure.

Display name: ICT Equipment
DTMI: dtmi:org:w3id:rec:ICTEquipment;1

Child interfaces


Inherited Relationships

  • Equipment: feeds, isFedBy
  • Asset: commissionedBy, documentation, geometry, hasPart, hasPoint, installedBy, isPartOf, locatedIn, manufacturedBy, mountedOn, servicedBy


Name Display name Description Schema Writable
heightRUs en: Height (RUs) integer True
numberOfPorts en: Number of Ports integer True
standard en: Standard en: The standard the equipment or device adheres to, e.g. IEEE 802.11. string True

Inherited Properties

  • Equipment: operationalStageCount
  • Asset: assetTag, commissioningDate, customProperties, customTags, identifiers, initialCost, installationDate, IPAddress, MACAddress, maintenanceInterval, modelNumber, name, serialNumber, turnoverDate, weight

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